• Kwon, Soon-Geol
  • Published : 2009.01.31


In this paper, we derive a characterization of orthonormal balanced multiwavelets of order p in terms of the continuous moments of the multiscaling function $\phi$. As a result, the continuous moments satisfy the discrete polynomial preserving properties of order p (or degree p - 1) for orthonormal balanced multiwavelets. We derive polynomial reproduction formula of degree p - 1 in terms of continuous moments for orthonormal balanced multiwavelets of order p. Balancing of order p implies that the series of scaling functions with the discrete-time monomials as expansion coefficients is a polynomial of degree p - 1. We derive an algorithm for computing the polynomial of degree p - 1.


multiwavelets;balanced multiwavelets;characterization of balancing condition;polynomial preservation/annihilation;moments;orthonormal bases


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