A Study on the Water Absorption Test of Generator Stator Windings Using Probability Distributions

여러 가지 확률분포를 이용한 발전기 고정자 권선의 흡습 시험에 관한 연구

  • Published : 2009.10.31


Water absorption in water-cooled generator stator windings can cause serious accidents such as insulation breakdown and it brings a generator to the unexpected sudden outage. Accordingly, it is important to diagnose the water absorption of them in the effective operation of power plant. Especially, the capacitance value which is measured for diagnosis is very small so the special diagnosis methods like stochastic theory are needed. KEPRI developed the water absorption test equipment and diagnosis technology for them. In this paper we propose that water absorption test of generator stator windings using probability distributions. The proposed diagnosis technology is applied to the real system and the results of water absorption test for stator windings are agreed to them of water leak test.


Generator stator windings;water absorption test;water leak test;insulation breakdown;outlier detection


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