A Study on Thermodynamic Efficiency for HTSE Hydrogen and Synthesis Gas Production System using Nuclear Plant

원자력 이용 고체산화물 고온전기분해 수소 및 합성가스 생산시스템의 열역학적 효율 분석 연구

  • Published : 2009.10.31


High-temperature steam electrolysis (HTSE) using solid oxide cell is a challenging method for highly efficient large-scale hydrogen production as a reversible process of solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC). The overall efficiency of the HTSE hydrogen and synthesis gas production system was analyzed thermo-electrochemically. A thermo-electrochemical model for the hydrogen and synthesis gas production system with solid oxide electrolysis cell (SOEC) and very high temperature gas-cooled reactor (VHTR) was established. Sensitivity analyses with regard to the system were performed to investigate the quantitative effects of key parameters on the overall efficiency of the production system. The overall efficiency with SOEC and VHTR was expected to reach a maximum of 58% for the hydrogen production system and to 62% for synthesis gas production system by improving electrical efficiency, steam utilization rate, waste heat recovery rate, electrolysis efficiency, and thermal efficiency. Therefore, overall efficiency of the synthesis production system has higher efficiency than that of the hydrogen production system.


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