Development of Loading Machine of Culture Medium for Oyster Mushroom Production - Investigation of Physical Properties and Element Design of System -

느타리버섯 재배용 배지 입상 장치 개발(1) - 배지 물성 조사 및 장치요소 설계 -

  • Published : 2009.08.25


In the process of oyster mushroom production, loading work of culture medium needs the most intensive labor power and cost. Therefore, the development of culture medium loading machine causes to reduce the manpower and cost. The main objectives of this study are identify cultivating environment, physical properties of culture medium and to make an element design of culture medium loading machine. The results are summarized as follows: 1. The moisture content and density of popularly used culture medium were 70%(w.b), $26\;kg/m^3$, respectively. 2. Pressure of the blower increased as the impeller speed increased, and the opening ratio of pressure controller decreased. 3. Recommendable c1earance(${\delta}$) between an impeller plate and a blower case was 25 mm at an impeller speed of 3183 rpm 4. Discharge device of type B with a hopper and suit was better than type A with a hopper.


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