Detailed-information Browsing Technology based on Level of Detail for 3D Cultural Asset Data

3D 문화재 데이터의 LOD 기반 상세정보 브라우징 기술

  • Published : 2009.10.28


In this paper, we propose the new method that offer detailed-information through relax the system memory limitation about 3D model to user. That method based on making LOD(Level of Detail) model from huge 3D data of structure cultural assets. In our method as transformed AOSP algorithm, first of all it create the hierarchical structure space about 3D data, and create the LOD model by surface simplification. Then it extract the ROI(Region of Interest) of user in simplified LOD model, and then do rendering by original model and same surface detailed-information after process the local detailed in extracted region. To evaluate the proposed method, we have some experiment by using the precise 3D scan data of structure cultural assets. Our method can offer the detailed-information same as exist method, and moreover 45% reduced consumption of memory experimentally by forming mesh structure same as ROI of simplified LOD model. So we can check the huge structure cultural assets particularly in general computer environment.


3D Cultural Assets;Detailed-information Browsing;LOD;AOSP


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