Relationships of Parent Brand Attitude and the Evaluation Level of Brand Extension by Distribution Channel Types

유통경로 유형별 모 브랜드태도와 브랜드확장 평가도의 관계

  • Published : 2009.10.28


This study analyzed the structural correlation between parent brand attitude, including attitude toward the advertisement, attitude toward the store and brand attitude, and brand extension evaluation, relationships among which are conceived as a brand extension evaluation process. The result of analysis, revealed statistical significances of the differences in the effect levels between attitude toward store and brand attitude, between brand attitude and brand extension evaluation level, and between brand extension evaluation level and purchase intention of an extended product depending on the choice of distribution channel type. Therefore the evaluation level of brand extension should be analyzed by structural relationship model based on the consumer behavior's viewpoint with distribution channel type and it can provide the important information for restructuring distribution channel and increase the level of the successful brand extension.


Distribution Channel Type;Parent Brand Attitude;Evaluation Level of Brand Extension


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