ANOVA Analysis on the Role Perception by Work Characteristics of Female Police Officers

여성경찰관의 근무특성에 따른 역할인식차이에 관한 ANOVA분석 - 수사분야 등 경찰목표 달성을 위한 역할 중심으로 -

  • Published : 2009.10.28


This study has aimed at establishing of the new administration scheme related to the goal of police like the investigation division through analyses of differences on the role perception of female police officers. In a related matter, work characteristics include ranks, working areas, working priods and the dependent variables of the role perception of female police officers are composed of 3 items like task role, group maintenance role and individual role. As a result, the differences by ranks, working areas, working priods that were analyzed by using one-way ANOVA showed significant differences in the each dependent variables. The results showed that the female police officers whose ranks were higher, who had been employed longer, and whose working areas were places where the cases occurred a lot more showed great point in mean value not only on task role but also on group maintenance role. The result of the study suggests a direction to achieve the best efficacy of police duties such as a criminal investigation, the prevention of crime and presents an useful indication to redefine the role.


Female Police Officer;Role Perception;Working Characteristics;The Police;criminal investigation


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