A study on Historical Context, Contents and Vision of Delphic Games for Cultural Tourism

델픽게임의 역사와 콘텐츠 특성 및 문화관광 콘텐츠로의 비전

  • 조성진 (BK21 제주국제자유도시 관광전문연구인력양성단) ;
  • 박시사 (제주대학교 관광경영학과) ;
  • 홍성화 (제주대학교 관광경영학과) ;
  • 양성수 (BK21 제주국제자유도시 관광전문연구인력양성단)
  • Published : 2009.10.28


Last year, 2008 Beijing Olympic Games have finished successfully. Over the last century the Olympic Games have received much attention from the world widely in the various point of views. In opposition to the Olympic Games, Delphic Games have attracted little attention. Moreover, There are no comprehensive monograph and research about Delphic Games in ancient and modem era. On that account, this paper will focused on the historical context of Delphic Games, review contents of it, and discuss visions to introducing and announcing the Delphic Games to the academic world.


Delphic Games;Tourism Contents;Cultural Tourism;Mega Event;Historical Context


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