Hybrid MAC Protocol Design for an Underwater Acoustic Network

수중음향통신망을 위한 하이브리드 MAC 프로토콜 설계

  • 박종원 (한국해양연구원 해양시스템안전연구소 해양시스템연구부) ;
  • 고학림 (호서대학교 정보통신공학과) ;
  • 조아라 (한국해양연구원 해양시스템안전연구소 해양시스템연구부) ;
  • 윤창호 (한국해양연구원 해양시스템안전연구소 해양시스템연구부) ;
  • 최영철 (한국해양연구원 해양시스템안전연구소 해양시스템연구부) ;
  • 임용곤 (한국해양연구원 해양시스템안전연구소 해양시스템연구부)
  • Published : 2009.10.31


This paper deals with hybrid MAC protocol design for underwater acoustic networks. The proposed MAC protocol has the cluster structure with a master node and slave nodes, and the hybrid network structure that combines a contention free period based on TDMA(Time Division Multiple Access) with a contention period. The suggested MAC protocol has a beacon packet for supervising network, a guard period between time slots for packet collision, time tag for estimation of propagation delay with a master node, the time synchronization of nodes, entering and leaving of network, and the communication method among nodes. In this paper, we adapt the proposed hybrid MAC protocol to AUV network, that is the representative mobile device of underwater acoustic network, and verify this protocol is applicable in real underwater acoustic network environment.


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