Optoelectronic Mixing Detection for the Extension of Useable Frequency Range in the Radio over Fiber Network

무선광네트웍(RoF)의 가용 주파수 대역 확장을 위한 광전믹싱 광검파

  • 최영규 (신라대학교 전자공학과)
  • Published : 2009.10.31


Theoretical analysis is presented for expending of the usable frequency range of optoelectronic mixing detection in the radio over fiber network system. We define the normalized gain to evaluate the performance of the optical mixing detection, and conform the possibilities of detection for the high frequency signals beyond the cutoff frequency of a photodiode. Optical mixing detection mechanism is analyzed by solving the continuity equation for the carriers of a photodiode. The normalized gain is independent on the signal frequency and the frequency difference between the optical signal and the local signal. Also, the amplitude of the local signal and the bias voltage are needed to be optimized at the same time in order to maximize the normalized gain.


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