A Study of the User's Evaluation on the Korea-China Railferry System

한중 열차페리시스템 수요자에 대한 조사.분석 연구

  • 조찬혁 (부경대학교, 국제통상학부) ;
  • 정병현 (우송대학교, 운송물류학과)
  • Published : 2009.10.30


Planning railferry system in Korea-China trade routes, the overall evaluation and customer response are coming under spotlight in a preference and feasibility perspective. Persistent Railferry issue has been an area of study for the last decade. But until now, a surveyor or the evaluation from the actual users were exceptionally rate. Consequently, there is a need for a more detailed study into the practical issues such as customer response and railferry demand etc. Using a questionnaire survey from actual users, this paper examines the underlying evaluation on the Railferry system both in terms of demand and preference. The research questions were analyzed on data collected from almost 150 users in Korea. A range of arguments and expected problems were summarized. The results in general find a negative relationship between railferry preference and respondents' work experience. Findings in the reasons respondents are objecting the new railferry system, the suitable cargo type of railferry, and the possible barriers to introduce the system are discussed. Nonetheless further researches into railferry system as a possible alternative for Korea-China-Japan corridor should be followed in the near future.


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