Methodology for Developing a Ubiquitous Business Model: Incorporating Co-Creation Experiences

유비쿼터스 컴퓨팅 환경에서의 비즈니스 모델 개발 방법론: 가치의 공동 창출 경험을 중심으로

  • Published : 2009.02.28


In this paper, we argue that characteristics of ubiquitous business are different from those of e-business or m-business. We have developed a u-business model development framework incorporating the concept of value co-creation experiences, which is a core of the ubiquitous business paradigm. The framework of u-business model development presented in this paper consists of eight steps such as defining of domain, discovery of opportunity nucleus, defining of potential co-creation experience environment, deriving candidates of u-business services, selecting u-business killer services, defining value propositions of u-business killer services, defining u-business killer service offerings, and drawing a resource map of u-business killer services. The proposed u-business model development framework offers useful guidelines for practitioners to develop successful u-business models under a ubiquitous business paradigm.


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