Implementation of PLC System based on Spectrum Sensing Function

스펙트럼 센싱 기반 전력선 통신 시스템 구현

  • Published : 2009.11.28


Today, Internet service is a most important Information Source. So, the Power Line Communication has been achieved to offer Internet service to Last-Mile area. But, Power Line is not suitable for communication, So, electromagnetic wave is generated from Power Line during flow of communication information. And the electromagnetic wave is interfered with Wireless Communication Service using the same frequency range. In this paper, the Notch Filter and the Spectrum Sensing technology are proposed to reduction of interference between Power Line Communication and Wireless Communication Service. The Spectrum Sensing technology is the core technology of the Cognitive Radio (CR) system. CR is the technology that temporarily allocates the frequency bandwidth by scanning surrounding wireless environments to keep licensed terminals and search the unused frequency bandwidth. The proposed emulator is implemented with Spectrum Sensing and Notch Filter system using Embedded Board.


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