The Analysis for the Regulation related to Chinese Online Game Review -Focused on NHN Chinese Game-

중국 온라인 게임 심의에 관한 규제 분석 -중국 NHN 게임을 중심으로-

  • 송승근 (동서대학교 디지털콘텐츠학부) ;
  • 김치용 (동의대학교 영상정보대학 영상정보공학과)
  • Published : 2009.11.28


The objective of this study is to uncover the standard and procedure of the review for the online game to export to China and try to find a plan how to solve a problem such as regulation for the online game imported into China depending on a protective policy for homemade game. The literatures related to the policy of China online game industry and the present condition of the wholistic restriction are reviewed and the standard and procedure of the review of China online game which is veiled was able to find definitely by using the case study on Korean company which was a great success as localization in China. As a result of this study, we found that the key factor on the review standard of China online game is the anti-social personality, such as 'the overthrow of Chinese socialist system', 'the territorial issue as the eviction of Hong Kong or the acknowledgment of Taiwan government', 'independence problem of the minorities', and 'damage to property as national treasure', et cetera. While the review of the homemade game in China takes about a month through just two steps in review process on online game, that of foreign game is required over at least three months through four steps in it. Moreover, it is difficult for foreign games to obtain the license due to total amount regulation for online game by 'General Administration of Press and Publication of the People's the Republic of China'. In the case of the joint-venture company, it is most important to the smooth communication between Korean company and Chinese company in order to overcome these strong regulation for online game review in China. Furthermore, as Chinese company in outward appearance it is need to be positioned absolutely in Chinese marketplace. The definite positioning strategy enables foreign companies to avoid the strong regulation about the foreign game in China. To understand, finally, deeply politics, society, and culture presented in Chinese ethics textbook permits the foreign companies to predict the exact standard of the review for online game. Therefore, this study is concluded with key implications to sustain guidelines on the deliberation for foreign companies which want to export online game to China to improve the predictability and accountableness about the review of the online game in China.


MMORPG;Review Standard;Review Procedure;Government Driven Regulation;License


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