Sari Case Design & Strategy Study

목(나전)칠기 사리(舍利)용기의 조형디자인 연구

  • 김재원 (중앙대학교 대학원 산업공예)
  • Published : 2009.11.28


Market in the 21st century innovative products is not the same as marketing traditional products and services. Whether for survival or to sustain market leadership, Design Marketing Strategy is the key in the new era of world competition. Design Strategies are also more critical issues in the future, because most business and firms depend on successful design project. In order to effectively bring creative professional output to market, design leaders who can use design intelligence to shape the future of their organizations and business must evidence marketing strategy technology, creative and managerial skill. Design Management links design and related business activities into a creative and coordinated strategy for creating value and sustainable advantage for the firm. Design education has focused primarily in the training of professional designers within their specific disciplines. But it dose not provide training in the management skills necessary to effectively lead a design project team. Most design colleges do not provide any integrated education in leadership and team building, strategy, finance, marketing or project management. This is the time that Design Management Program should be prepared to provide design students who want to manage design project in creative industry. The program has to be prepared to provide all the business skills and information that design students need to know in an upper-level undergraduate school. The Program's goal is to graduate design leaders able to strategically manage a design project for the challenge of managing in the 21st century.


Design;Product Techniques;Design Process


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