Synthesis and Small Animal Brain PET Study of a Serotonin Receptor Radiotracer, 18F-Mefway

세로토닌 5-HT1A수용체 방사성 추적자 18F-Mefway의 합성과 소동물 뇌 PET 연구

  • 안성민 (가천의과대학교 방사선학과) ;
  • 홍태기 (한서대학교 화학과) ;
  • 유영훈 (연세대학교 강남세브란스병원 핵의학과) ;
  • 최재용 (연세대학교 강남세브란스병원 핵의학과) ;
  • 김성철 (가천의과대학교 방사선학과)
  • Published : 2009.11.28


$^{18}F$-mefway has been developed as radioligand for serotonin receptor 5-$HT_{1A}$. The object of this study was to obtain the mefway precursor with the higher yield than previous method and to identify whether $^{18}F$-mefway can bind to 5-$HT_{1A}$ or not. from microPET imaging of small animal brain. Precursor was prepared by a modification of the reported procedure then [$^{18}F$] labeling was performed by adding $^{18}F$ ion at $130^{\circ}C$ in the hot cell for 30min. After purification of reaction mixture using alumina Sep-pak and HPLC, microPET images of small animal brain were determined. The chemical yield of precursor was increased from 9% to 34% using oxalyl chloride and LAH/diethylether. We synthesized a precursor which was successfully labeled with no-carrier-added $^{18}F$-by new synthetic route. This research suggest that $^{18}F$-mefway will be used a radiopharmaceutical for evaluation of central nerve system disorder as imaging a gent for 5-$HT_{1A}$ receptor.


Serotonin 5-HT1 Areceptors;$^{18}F$-mefway;PET Radiotracers;WAY-100635 Derivatives


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