Treatment Stimulator's Pulse of Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation

경두개 자기자극장치의 치료자극 펄스

  • 김휘영 (동주대학 의료기공학과)
  • Published : 2009.11.28


In this study, I presented power control unit with potential use in the magnetic stimulation of biological systems. The effect of the magnetic stimulation depends on the geometry and orientation of the induced electric field as well as on the current pulse waveform delivered by the stimulator coil. TMS is achieved from the outside of the head using pulses of electromagnetic field that induce an electric field in the brain. There are numerous possibities in the applications TMS, such as diagnosis and therapy through the brain stimulation. These factors are very important to define the equipment requirements and characteristics in that the topology of the power supply and the size and geometry of the coil. The proposed solution is the generation of current pulses with variable amplitude and duration, according to a user defined input. Another solution is the topology that uses elements to store and transfer energy from the power source to the load. In addition to proposed topology, an adequate control strategy and right set of the power circuit parameters made possible to obtain unipolar waves and bipolar waves.


Science Technology;(Transcranial, Magnetic, Stimulator, Treatment, Stimulator' Pulse)


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