Design and analytical evaluation of a fuzzy proxy caching for wireless internet

  • Bae, Ihn-Han (School of Computer and Information Engineering, Catholic University of Daegu)
  • Published : 2009.11.30


In this paper, we propose a fuzzy proxy cache scheme for caching web documents in mobile base stations. In this scheme, a mobile cache model is used to facilitate data caching and data replication. Using the proposed cache scheme, the individual proxy in the base station makes cache decisions based solely on its local knowledge of the global cache state so that the entire wireless proxy cache system can be effectively managed without centralized control. To improve the performance of proxy caching, the proposed cache scheme predicts the direction of movement of mobile hosts, and uses various cache methods for neighboring proxy servers according to the fuzzy-logic-based control rules based on the membership degree of the mobile host. The performance of our cache scheme is evaluated analytically in terms of average response delay and average energy cost, and is compared with that of other mobile cache schemes.


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