Area-Averaged Solution of Peening Residual Stress Using a 3D Multi-impact Symmetry-cell FE Model with Plastic Shots

소성숏이 포함된 3차원 다중충돌 대칭-셀 해석모델을 이용한 면적평균 피닝잔류응력해

  • Published : 2009.04.01


In this paper, we estimate area-averaged solution of peening residual stress using a 3-D multi-impact symmetry-cell FE model. The symmetry-cell model includes factors reflecting peening phenomena and plastic shot. Area-averaged solution is much closer to XRD experimental solution than 4-node-averaged solution in plastic shot FE model. We then obtain FE Almen saturation curve corresponding to experimental Almen curve based on area-averaged solution. Using the curve, we obtain FE area-averaged solution in major peening materials, and compare the FE solution with experimental solution. In peening materials, surface, maximum compressive residual stress and deformation depth reach experimental solutions. Thus, FE Almen curve is useful for estimation of residual stress solution and could improve the efficiency of peening process. Consequently, it is confirmed that concept of area-averaged solution is the realistic analytical method for evaluation of peening residual stress.


Area-Averaged Solution;Symmetry-Cell;Almen Curve;Peening Coverage;Arc Height;Multi-Impact


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