Fretting Wear Characteristics of Inconel 690 Tubes in Room Temperature

인코넬 690 튜브의 상온 프레팅 마멸 특성에 대한 연구

  • Published : 2009.04.01


A fretting wear test rig for cross contacting tube specimens, which employs a piezoelectric actuator, has been developed. Along with the simple loading scheme using dead weights, the rig is very simple to be used also. The accuracy was found acceptable. Inconel 690 tubes were tested in room temperature and ambient condition. Normal load and sliding amplitude range up to 35N and $100{\mu}m$, respectively. The sizes of wear scar and the wear volumes were measured, and wear coefficients have been calculated based on those. A study on the fretting wear mechanism of the tubes has been attempted via microscopic observation. Rugged wear surfaces are induced by the separation and adhesion of particles and formation and subsequent fracture of surface layers. Lapped specimens were also tested and abrasive wear seems to be playing a dominant role.


Inconel 690;Fretting Wear;Piezoelectic Actuator;Room Temperature


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