Weibull Statistical Analysis of Micro-Vickers Hardness using Monte-Carlo Simulation

몬테카를로 시뮬레이션에 의한 미소 비커스 경도의 Weibull 통계 해석

  • Published : 2009.04.01


In the present study, the Weibull statistical analysis using the Monte-Carlo simulation has been performed to investigate the micro-Vickers hardness measurement reliability considering the variability. Experimental indentation test were performed with a micro-Vickers hardness tester for as-received and quenching and tempering specimens in SCM440 steels. The distribution of micro-Vickers hardness is found to be 2-parameter Weibull distribution function. The mean values and coefficients of variation (COV) for both data set are compared with results based on Weibull statistical analysis. Finally, Monte-Carlo simulation was performed in order to evaluate the effect of sample size on the micro-Vickers hardness measurement reliability. For the parent distribution with shape parameter 30.0 and scale parameter 200.0 (COV=0.040), the number of sample data required to obtain the true Weibull parameters was founded by 20. For the parent distribution with shape parameter 10.0 and scale parameter 200.0 (COV=0.1240), the number of sample data required to obtain the true Weibull parameters was founded by 30.


Micro-Vickers Hardness;As-Received;Quenching and Tempering;Weibull Statistical Analysis;Coefficient of Variation;Reliability


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