3-D Characteristics of the Residual Stress in the Plate Butt Weld Between SA508 and F316L SS

SA508/ F316L SS 맞대기 용접 판재의 3차원 잔류응력특성

  • Published : 2009.04.01


This study is performed to check the three dimensional characteristics of residual stress in the dissimilar metal weld. Although two dimensional analysis has been widely used for the assessment of weld residual stress, it has limitations to understand the stress distribution of the third direction. 3-D analysis was done to understand residual stress distribution of the welded plate. A simple butt-welded plate was considered to show the stress variation on all direction. A mock-up plate weldment was fabricated with SA-508 and F316L, which are widely used in nuclear power plants. The analysis results were validated with the measured values in the mock-up.


Dissimilar Metal Weld;Finite Element Analysis;Residual Stress Measurement;Weld Residual Stress


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