Influence of Wax Molecular Weights on Wax Migration and Evaporation of Rubber Vulcanizates at Room Temperature

상온 노화 후 고무가황물에서 왁스의 이동과 증발에 미치는 왁스의 분자량 분포

  • Published : 2009.12.31


Ozone caused the crack on the surface of a rubber article by oxidation of double bond at room temperature. Wax migrates to the surface of a rubber article and makes a physical barrier to prevent process of ozonation. We investigated change of molecular weight distribution of waxes in unfilled NR, SBR, and BR vulcanizates before and after aging at room temperature for 6 months. Migration and evaporation behaviors of wax in a rubber article at ambient conditions help understand a role of wax as an antidegradant and appearance contamination of a rubber article. The relative intensity distribution of n-alkanes of the NR specimen after the aging was shifted to higher molecular weight compared with the relative intensity distribution before the aging, while those of the SBR specimen before and after the aging did not show a big difference.


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