Preparation of Pt Films on GaAs by 2-step Electroless Plating

  • Published : 2009.08.31


Electroless plating is influenced by kinds of parameters including concentrations of electrolyte, plating time, temperature and so on. In this study, the Pt thin films were prepared on GaAs substrate by a 2-step electroless plating depending method. The small Pt catalytic particles by using Pt I bath exhibited islands-morphology dispersed throughout the substrate surface at $65^{\circ}C$, as function as a sensitized thin film, and then a thicker Pt film grew upon the sensitized layer by the second Pt II bath. As the growth of Pt film is strongly influenced by the plating time and temperature, the plating time of Pt II bath varied from 5 min to 40 min at $60{\sim}80^{\circ}C$ after Pt I bath at $60{\sim}80^{\circ}C$ for 5 min. It is found that the film grows with the increasing plating time and temperature. The resistivity value of Pt deposited layer was characterized to study the growth mechanism of 2-step plating.


Pt/GaAs;Electroless plating;2-step plating;FESEM;I-V


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