Multi-Factor Authentication System based on Software Secure Card-on-Matching For Secure Login

안전한 로그인을 위한 소프트 보안카드 기반 다중 인증 시스템

  • Published : 2009.03.28


Login process uses both ID and password information to authenticate someone and to permit its access privilege on system. However, an attacker can get those ID and password information by using existing packet sniffing or key logger programs. It cause privacy problem as those information can be used as a hacking and network attack on web server and web e-mail system. Therefore, a more secure and advanced authentication mechanism should be required to enhance the authentication process on existing system. In this paper, we propose a multi-factor authentication process by using software form of secure card system combined with existing ID/Password based login system. Proposed mechanism uses a random number generated from the his/her own handset with biometric information. Therefore, we can provide a one-time password function on web login system to authenticate the user using multi-factor form. Proposed scheme provide enhanced authentication function and security because it is a 'multi-factor authentication mechanism' combined with handset and biometric information on web login system.


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