Performance Improvement of LSU Algorithms in QoS Routing

QoS 라우팅의 LSU 알고리즘 성능 향상 기법

  • Published : 2009.03.28


This paper has proposed Flow Holding Time based Link State Update(LSU) Algorithm that can improve the performance of the existing LSU algorithms. As the existing LSU algorithms are based on the network traffic information, the proposed algorithm is based on flow holding time so we can minimize the LSU message overhead and has not had a strong influence on the depreciation of QoS routing performance. We apply a flow holding time in order to decrease the number of LSU message. We have evaluated the performance of the proposed model and the existing algorithms on MCI simulation network using the performance metric as the QoS routing blocking rate and the mean update rate per link, it thus appears that we have verified the performance of this algorithm.


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