Research of Education Program for Autistic Children the Clay

흙 놀이를 통한 유아자폐증치료과정 연구

  • 김성민 (공주대학교 조형디자인학부 세라믹)
  • Published : 2009.03.28


The structure of modern society are complex, fast, overflowing of individualism and losing of independence through the standardization of human relationship. The frequency increased that children watch television and play computer game alone through this structure. Also, the mental disorder like as autism tend to be increase for childhood because, parents overprotect, unmethodical bringing up children, emotional disturbance and effect of genetic. Therefore, research and case study of art therapy publish that illustrates a tendency of developing and growing. On the base of this situation art therapy realize more important than before and gain power. Therefore, this research consider that clay therapy effect for autistic just children and investigate function of catharsis through the case study. Also, make study that social rappot and function of catharsis develop for children who has autism. The suggest effect of synergy which come from clay therapy(education of ceramic) and development of education program.


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