UI Design of the MMORPG using Storytelling

스토리텔링을 적용한 MMORPG UI 디자인

  • Published : 2009.03.28


The computer game has a narrative structure, which scenario is proceeded by player's consecutive interactive. The interaction is the core of game plays that is not only storytelling in itself, but also is implemented by interface. The UI of computer game is as a tool for communication between player and game, which has been designed by usability on use. However, is it the necessary for us to get synchronization of feelings about game scenario in terms of a psychological in order to deepen the pleasure that is the game's ultimate goal. Effectively, as a way to lead in this empathy. This study tries to application of storytelling to the UI that occurred player's interactive for the first time. Moreover, presented the result as the UI designs of casual MMORPG.


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