Comparison of the Factors of Recidivism for Probationers

보호관찰대상자의 재범차이 비교

  • 박성수 (세명대학교 경찰행정학과)
  • Published : 2009.03.28


The purpose of the paper is to offer an analysis of adult probationers and their recidivism and to suggest a policy to prevent recidivism. Various data analysis methods like frequency analysis, cross-tabulation analysis, regression analysis and logistic regression analysis were used to determine which of a second offense factors and recidivism included in initial data investigation could effectively explain or forecast reference values. This study focused on identifying relations associated with follow-up misconducts of adults under probation, and supposing that those factors could be associated with their second offenses. But it failed to yield so much significant findings. Nevertheless, this study has its own significance in a sense that it explored various risk factors and desires of adults under probation according to empirical data, and suggested formulated measures useful in practice to select and categorize appropriate treatments.


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