Diagnostic Framework for Performance Measurement Practices of Public Broadcasting

공영방송 성과측정관행의 진단 틀

  • 민재형 (서강대학교 경영전문대학원)
  • Published : 2009.03.31


An organizational performance measurement practice is a function of performance measurement system and performance management system they are currently employing, and its quality is determined by evaluating the followings in a comprehensive manner: first, if they are measuring right things; second, if they are measuring in a right way; third, if they are actively facilitating a process of data collection, structuring, analysis, interpretation, and dissemination; and fourth, if they are using performance measurement results for the primary purposes of performance measurement. This study proposes a diagnostic framework for evaluating the performance measurement practices of public broadcasting which include the qualities of performance measurement and performance management, and develop a structured questionnaire for that purpose. The framework proposed in this study does not serve only as a useful tool for public broadcasting to revise their respective performance measures and performance measurement systems, but it also make their respective performance measurement practices a strategic management tool as well as an operational management one.


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