Content Analysis of Fashion Magazine Advertisement

패션잡지광고의 내용분석

  • 문재학 (신라대학교 광고홍보학과)
  • Published : 2009.12.28


This study was conducted to investigate the information cues in fashion magazine advertisement in 2008. A total of 368 ads executed in fashion magazine in 2008 were analyzed by number of cues, type of information, magazine type and ad size. The results show that information cues in magazine ads were remarkably decreased compare to the previous studies. Only 36.1% of the advertisements include more than 1 information cues. The results of the study also demonstrate that the advertisements in Woman Sense has the most much information cues. Interestingly, the smaller ad size includes the more information cues in all of ads.


Content Analysis;Information Cue;Fashion Magazine


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