Utilization Policy of the Private Security against Acts of Piracy

해적행위에 대한 민간경비의 활용방안

  • 김일곤 (경기대학교 경호안전학과) ;
  • 안황권 (경기대학교 경호안전학과)
  • Published : 2009.12.28


In recent, the ships of the Republic of Korea have been suffered from acts of piracy at the seas. With the increase of the threats from the acts of piracy and armed robbery against ships, some of the countries have dispatched their navy warships to the international waters and to carry out military operation against the pirates. However, the total eradication of the piracy has not been achieved due to the lack of international cooperation and the limitation of the international maritime convention itself. In addition, the absence of counter-measures to be taken by the ships itself including the employment of the professional maritime security forces should not be overlooked. In this connection, this paper examined the reality of the piracy together with armed robberies at the seas and the problems in the response were also analyzed. Based on the research, it suggested some possible measures with special reference to the private security. The limitation of this paper is that it only focus on the aspect of the private security. In this paper, the cooperation among the countries according to the maritime convention and internationally accepted norms and practices. To achieve the goals of this paper, through the comparative review of the related literatures, the practical measures applicable to the prevention of the piracy were suggested.


Piracy;Armed Robbery at the Sea;International Maritime Convention;Private Security;Private Military Company


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