Contents Authoring Tool for Early Childhood Education

유아교육을 위한 콘텐츠 저작 도구

  • Published : 2009.12.28


This paper implements the graphic service template authoring tool based on the service template object model of describing the meta information of the services for early childhood education in the semantic web service environment. Our proposed system provides the robot services by constructing web services automatically and making the appropriate service plans. Moreover, it can create, append, delete, and update the service templates of URC based on STDL, and provide the graphic function on service template resources. In order to provide the user friendly environment in the service template phase, we implement the various editing environment : flow view style, grid view style, and text view style. We also provide the easy editing function by realizing abstract service block based on the robot API. Finally we can offer the intelligent and autonomous service of service agent based on semantic information.


Early Childhood Education;Authoring Tool;Contents Authoring


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