Tuning of Dual-input PSS and Its Application to 612 MVA Thermal Plant: Part 1-Tuning Methology of IEEE Type PSS2A Model

다중입력 PSS 튜닝 방법과 612 MVA 화력기 적용: Part 1-IEEE PSS2A 튜닝 방법

  • Published : 2009.04.01


This paper, Part 1, describes the effective dual-input PSS parameter design procedure for the IEEE Type PSS2A against the Dangjin 612 MVA thermal plant's EX2000 excitation system. The suggested tuning technique used the model-based PSS tuning method and consisted of three steps: 1) generation system modeling; 2) determination of PSS2A model parameters using linear, time-domain transient and 3-phase simultaneous analyses, and 3) field testing and verification, which are described in Part 2. The effective PSS2A model parameters of EX2000 system in the Dangjin T/P #4 were designed according to the suggested procedure, and verified by using three analyses.


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