Judgement Criterion of Insulation Deterioration in 4.16kV and 6.6kV Motor Stator Windings

4.16kV 및 6.6kV 전동기 고정자 권선의 절연열화 판정기준

  • Published : 2009.04.01


To assess the condition of stator insulation, nondestructive tests were performed on twenty five coil groups and twenty six motors. The stator windings has nominal ratings of 6.6kV and are classified into five coil groups ;one group with healthy insulation and four groups with four different types of artificial defects. After completing nondestructive tests, the AC voltage applied to the stator windings was gradually increasing until insulation failure in order to obtain the breakdown voltage. No.1, No.2 and No.6 of 6.6kV motors failed near rated voltage of 14kV, 8.7kV and 14kV, respectively. The breakdown voltage of three motors was lower that expected for good quality coils(14.2kV) in 6.6kV motors. No.3 and No.6 of 4.16kV motors failed near rated voltage of 5.6kV and 4.2kV, respectively. Almost all of failures were located in a line-end coil at the exit from the core slot. The breakdown voltages and the types of defects showed strong relation to the stator insulation tests such as in the case of AC current, dissipation factor(tan${\delta}$) and partial discharge magnitude.


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