Registration and Visualization of Medical Image Using Conditional Entropy and 3D Volume Rendering

조건부 엔트로피와 3차원 볼륨 렌더링기법을 이용한 의료영상의 정합과 가시화

  • Published : 2009.03.30


Image registration is a process to establish the spatial correspondence between images of the same scene, which are acquired at different view points, at different times, or by different sensors. In this paper, we introduce a robust brain registration technique for correcting the difference between two temporal images by the different coordinate systems in MR and CT image obtained from the same patient. Two images are registered where this measure is minimized using a modified conditional entropy(MCE: Modified Conditional Entropy) computed from the joint histograms for the intensities of two given images, we conduct the rendering for visualization of 3D volume image.


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