Fabrication of Microlens Array Using Photoresist Thermal Reflow

Photoresist Thermal Reflow를 이용한 Microlens Array 제작

  • 황성기 (영남대학교 물리학과 Display Lab) ;
  • 백상훈 (영남대학교 물리학과 Display Lab) ;
  • 권진혁 (영남대학교 물리학과 Display Lab) ;
  • 박이순 (경북대학교 고분자공학과)
  • Published : 2009.04.25


An optical sheet with microlens array (MLA) is designed and fabricated as a substitute for the prism sheets of LCD backlight. Using photoresist thermal reflow, MLAs were fabricated on PET film with thickness of $100{\mu}m$, and we measured the change of MLA profile in terms of exposure time, reflow temperature and reflow time.


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