Investigation of the Downwash Induced by Rotary Wings in Ground Effect

Tanabe, Yasutada;Saito, Shigeru;Ooyama, Naoko;Hiraoka, Katsumi

  • 발행 : 2009.05.30


There are concerns about the influence of the gust wind caused by helicopters affecting the moving vehicles while hovering over the road during rescue activities. For the understanding of such complicated flow. numerical simulation of a rotor hovering above the ground has been carried out, changing the rotor/ground clearances. The rotor thrust is kept constant. and the rotor control is determined by trim adjustments incorporated into the CFD algorithm. Collective pitch angle and the required power decreases with the rotor/ground clearance which agrees with experience. Changes of the flowfield near the rotor with regard to the rotor height are investigated based on the calculated results.


Helicopter;Downwash;Hover;Ground effect;CFD;Moving overlapped grids


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