Alternative Energy - Environment Safety

  • Kurnaz, Sefer ;
  • Rustamov, Rustam B. ;
  • Zeynalov, Ismayil
  • Published : 2009.05.30


It is undertaken systematization of results of satellite and ground observation parameters characterizing a current condition and climatic variability of two selected geographical areas. One of them covers territory of Azerbaijan and another covers a wide area of Caspian See region. Average values and mean square deviations of following values are investigated: outgoing long wave radiation during a day and night (in nebulosity and cloudless). absorbed within a day of the stream of a sunlight of the system in "a terrestrial surface-atmosphere". degree of a covering by clouds of the selected areas during a day and at night, ground temperature values of air. pressure and speed of a wind. Monthly average values of corresponding parameters create a basis of suggested investigations. It has been presented features of a time course of investigated parameters for each month and year in the whole due to the continuously observations since 1982-2000. The scientific problem consists that there are no existed models which authentically would be cover the main aspects of a realities specified changes: they are identified by economic activities. growth of the population and other features of development of a human society or internal fluctuations of biogeophysical/climatic system. Possibilities of predictability of biosphere and climate changes depend on available timely supervision. adequacy of construction of appropriate models. understanding of mechanisms of direct and feedback influences in such complicated systems.


Wavelength;radiation;environment;monitoring;hydro meteorological network station;NOAA satellite data


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