A Broadband Characteristic of Wide Slot Planar Antenna By CPW-Fed

CPW급전에 의한 폭넓은 평면 슬롯안테나의 광대역특성

  • 이현진 (동강대학 전기,전자과) ;
  • 서장수 (송원대학 디지털전기정보)
  • Published : 2009.12.01


In this paper, a CPW fed and inversed U-type monopole structure wide slot antenna for novel broadband calacturictics is proposed. To enhance the impedance bandwidth of the wide slot antenna, we proposed the wide slot structure with cpw-fed which is combined with four $\lambda/2$ rectangular radiation modified monopole and inductively coupled. The measured impedance bandwidth is about 2.3 GHz(3.85~6.15 GHz) at 10 dB and the simulated antenna gain is about 6 dBi at 5.4 GHz.


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