Effect of Estimated Availability of NDF Binding Major Minerals in Soybean Sprouts Depending on Cultivation Periods and Sampling Parts

콩나물 재배기간과 부위에 따른 NDF에 결합된 다량 무기질의 추정이용율

  • 이지영 (동아대학교 식품과학부) ;
  • 엄지혜 (동아대학교 식품과학부) ;
  • 은정화 (동아대학교 식품과학부) ;
  • 배승철 (부경대학교 양식학과/사료영양연구소) ;
  • 김대진 (동아대학교 식품과학부)
  • Published : 2009.04.30


This study was performed to evaluate contents and estimated availabilities of major minerals (Ca, P, K, Mg) in soybean sprouts. Two different sampling parts (cotyledon and hypocotyl), and three culture periods (1, 3, and 5 days) were evaluated. Results indicated that Mg (99.11%) from cotyledon for 5 days culture period was significantly higher than Ca (98.34%), P (97.67%), and K (98.70%). Percent average Mg estimated availability of 5 days cultured hypocotyl was also significantly higher than that of Ca (77.79%), P (91.91%), and K (96.80%). Therefore, the current results indicate that decreased Ca estimated availability in hypocotyl was time dependent and the cotyledon may be the better source for the estimated availability of major minerals than the hypocotyl of soybean sprouts because more than 90% of the major minerals was estimated availability.


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