Monitoring System of Rock Mass Displacement and Temperature Variation for KURT using Optical Sensor Cable

광섬유센서케이블을 이용한 지하연구시설의 지반변위 및 온도변화 감시시스템 구축

  • 김경수 (한국원자력연구원 방사성폐기물기술개발부) ;
  • 배대석 (한국원자력연구원 방사성폐기물기술개발부) ;
  • 고용권 (한국원자력연구원 방사성폐기물기술개발부) ;
  • 김중열 ((주)소암컨설턴트)
  • Published : 2009.03.31


The optical fiber cable acting as a sensor was embedded in the underground research tunnel and portal area in order to monitor their stability and the spatial temperature variation. This system includes two types of sensing function to monitor the distributed strain and temperature along the line, where sensor cable is installed, not a point sensing. According to the results of one year monitoring around the KURT, there is no significant displacement or movement at the tunnel wall and portal slope. However, it would be able to aware of some phenomena as an advance notice at the tunnel wall which indicates the fracturing in rockmass and shotcrete fragmentation before rock falls accidently as well as movement of earth slope. The measurement resolution for rock mass displacement is 1 mm per 1 m and it covers 30 km length with every 1m interval in minimum. In temperature, the cable measures the range of $-160{\sim}600^{\circ}C$ with $0.01^{\circ}C$ resolution according to the cable types. This means that it would be applicable to monitoring system for the safe operation of various kinds of facilities having static and/or dynamic characteristics, such as chemical plant, pipeline, rail, huge building, long and slim structures, bridge, subway and marine vessel. etc.


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