A study on the development of DC-DC converter for low-power DSC

  • Park, Sung-Joon (LG Electronics Institute of Technology research engineer(LG Elite)) ;
  • Kim, Whi-Young (Biomedical Engineering, Dongju College University)
  • Published : 2009.03.30


In this research, we have studied the development of dc-dc converter suitable for the driving of mobile instruments by using a dye-sensitized solar cell(DSC). We also have designed a interlocking circuit. The circuit makes power generation be saved in one battery and concurrently be discharged in the other battery. As this application, mobile devices such as MP3, cellular phone are operated by using power generator from DSC during the daytime and they can be operated by using the saving energy of the daytime during the night. Consequently, it has a simple and robust circuit configuration. Besides, we designed dc-dc converter circuit to drive low power instruments by using NMOS switch and PMOS rectifier. Operational modes are analysed, and then validity of the proposed interface circuit is verified through DCS.


DSC;solar power system;inter-lockingg device


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