A Ternary Microfluidic Multiplexer using Control Lines with Digital Valves of Different Threshold Pressures

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  • Published : 2009.06.01


We present a ternary microfluidic multiplexer unit, capable to address three flow channels using a pair of control lines with two different threshold pressure valves. The previous binary multiplexer unit addresses only two flow channels using a pair of control line with identical threshold pressure valves, thus addressing $2^{n/2}$ flow channels using n control lines. The present ternary multiplexer addressing three flow channels using a pair of control lines, however, is capable to address $3^{n/2}$ flow channels using n control lines with two different threshold pressure valves. In the experimental study, we characterized the threshold pressure and the response time of the valves used in the ternary multiplexer. From the experimental observation, we also verified that the present ternary multiplexer unit could be operated by two equivalent valve operating conditions: the different static pressures and dynamic pressures at different duty ratio. And then, $3{\times}3$ well array stacking ternary multiplexers in serial is addressed in cross and plus patterns, thus demonstrating the individual flow channel addressing capability of the ternary multiplexer. Thus, the present ternary multiplexer reduces the number of control lines for addressing flow channels, achieving the high well control efficiency required for simple and compact microfluidic systems.


Microfluidic Multiplexer;Pressure Valve of Different Threshold;Ternary Multiplexer;Digital Valve


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