Design Optimization for the Magnetic Engine Valve Actuator

엔진 밸브 자기 구동기의 설계 최적화

  • 소현준 (연세대학교 기계공학과 대학원) ;
  • 박순옥 (연세대학교 기계공학과 대학원) ;
  • 유정훈 (연세대학교 기계공학부)
  • Published : 2009.06.01


As the automobile energy efficiency stands out an important matter of interest, the magnetic engine valve system receives attention. It has an advantage of no engine power leakage in opening and closing the valve. Moreover, it generates much bigger force than the piezo actuator system, so it can be a good alternative system of the cam and camshaft system. However, since the valve system is not light enough, it is necessary to make its weight reduce. In this study, topology optimization is applied to find the optimal shape of the armature in a magnetic valve system combined with the finite element analysis for the magnetic field analysis. The result is used to obtain a concept design. The adjoint variable method is employed in order to calculate the design sensitivity of the magnetic driving force in the armature component mostly to reduce the computational time during the repeated sensitivity calculation. The sequential linear programming is employed for the optimization algorithm.


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