Efficient Data Management in RFID Applications

  • Published : 2009.03.31


Logistics is in the limelight as one of a variety of RFID applications. The RFID technology is actively being applied to improve the competitiveness power of companies through the synthetic management of products and information. The RFID system generates large volume of stream data. It has problems which occur waste of storage and long processing time when storing large data and processing queries. Recently, many studies have been done to solve the problems which are generated in RFID system. In this thesis, we propose an efficient data management scheme for path queries and containment queries which are occurred frequently. The proposed data management scheme considers a change of the containment of products during a transport and supports a path of changed products by representing a path of various containments. Also, the compression utilizing the structure of supply chain reduces the stored data volumes. In order to show the superiority of our approach, we compare it with the existing schemes. As a result, our experimental results show that our scheme outperforms the existing scheme in terms of storage efficiency and query processing time.


SCM(supply chain management);RFID;stream data


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