Study on Wave Absorption of 1D-/2D-Periodic EBG Structures and/or Metamaterial Layered Media as Frequency Selective Surfaces

  • Kahng, Sung-Tek (Dept. of Information & Telecommunication. Engineering, University of Incheon)
  • Published : 2009.03.31


This paper conducts a study on the frequency-dependent filtering and blocking effects of a variety of periodic structures, dubbed frequency selective surface(FSS). The periodic structures of interest are 1D and 2D repeated patterns of metal patches or slots sitting on the interface between the two different regions in the layered media which will show the capacitive or inductive behaviors and incorporated with the electromagnetic bandgap(EBG) geometry as another stratified media. Besides the normal substances so called double positive(DPS)-type in the layered media, metamaterials of double negative(DNG) are considered as layering components on the purpose of investigating the unusual electromagnetic phenomena. Frequency responses of transmission(absorption in terms of scattering) and reflection will be calculated by a numerical analysis which can be validated by the comparison with the open literature and demonstrated for the periodic structures embedding metamaterials or not. Most importantly, numerous examples of FSS will present the useful guidelines to have absorption or reflection properties in the frequency domain.


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