Development of the Educational Simulator for Aircraft Dynamic Characteristic Analysis with the State-Space Method

상태.공간 방식에 의한 항공기 동특성 해석 교육 시뮬레이터 개발

  • 윤선주 (인하공업전문대학 항공기계과)
  • Published : 2009.03.31


The analysis of an aircraft flight dynamics is recently very convenient because of the introduction of state-space method and a well-developed package software. The representation of a dynamic system is described as a simple form of matrix calculation and the unique form of model is available for the linear or nonlinear, time variant or time invariant, mono variable or multi variable system with state-space method. And this analysis can be simplified with the specific functions of a package software and it is very simplified to execute the simulation of the dynamic characteristics for an aircraft model with an interactive graphical treatment. The purpose of this study is to develope an educational flight simulator for the students who need to analyze the dynamic characteristics of an aircraft that is primarily to execute the simulation for the analysis of the transient response and frequency response of an aircraft stability. Furthermore the dynamic characteristics of an aircraft motion is set up as dynamical animation tool for the control response on 3-axis motions of an aircraft.


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