Measuring the characteristic of aerial spray by rotary wing

회전익 항공기 공중살포 특성 측정

  • 임세훈 (한국항공대학교 대학원 항공운항관리학과) ;
  • 송병흠 (한국항공대학교 항공운항학과)
  • Published : 2009.03.31


This paper presents results from field studies carried out to monitor off-target droplet movement of endosulfan insecticide applied to the Korea chestnut tree area. As a results, mean airborne drift values were recorded 25m as average from downwind of a single flight line(sample line) in mountain terrain and mean effective swath width was recorded 19.5m as average in a plain. In terms of characteristics of geography of Korea aerial application is mainly carried out in mountain terrain. The equipment, weather conditions, and appropriate aerial spray technic are required for effective aerial application. In particular, the pilot can get effective results when he only sprays with consideration of environment factors since there is much turbulence in mountain terrain. Eventually, the most effective factor of droplets drift is to estimate the local weather conditions exactly.


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