Reduction of the Useless Radiation Exposure to Patients and Improvement of the Skill to Manage the Test according to Minimizing Changes of Posture in Bone Mineral Density

골밀도 검사에서 환자 자세 변경 최소화에 따른 수검자의 불필요한 피폭선량 감소 및 생산성 향상

  • 김호성 (서울아산병원 핵의학과) ;
  • 동경래 (광주보건대학 방사선과) ;
  • 김창복 (광주보건대학 방사선과)
  • Published : 2009.04.28


As we recognize the health care, test of BMD is increased. There are various methods in BMD, Dual Energy X-ray absorptiometry (DEXA) which has high precision and accuracy, and low medical exposure dose has been widely used. To measure the changes of BMD, the test must be done as same posture at first and follow up study performed a year. we analyze the difference in the hour taken before and after the examination by radiologic technologist, frequency of scout scan, and the amount of the radiation exposure. The hour of the examination and frequency of the scout scan were shorten and the dose of the radiation exposure is reduced. As the numerical value of total subjects is converted into that of one person, the duration for the test was 52 seconds, the frequency for the scout scan 0.79 time, and the dose for the radiation exposure $13{\mu}Sv$. When the health care provider perform the precise and easy methods to minimize changes of posture and the skillful ability to manage the test, useless radiation is decreased.


Bone Mineral Density;Scout Scan;DEXA;Radiation Exposure


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